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Do you recognise the challenges of (too) many innovation initiatives?

Product development or innovation proves to be difficult for many organisations. Most initiatives stop, fail or do not meet expectations. Process improvements are difficult to implement. Quite often, total overview is missing, results are hardly being measured and organisations do not know whether they are doing the right things. Next to this knowledge of the latest innovation methods is lacking.

Enpidi is different by combining portfoliomanagement with a practical innovation methodology. We help you to formulate a clear innovation strategy. By applying our practical approach you will have the first overview and insights within days. Together, we are introducing and implementing portfoliomanagement gradually. Moreover, we can train your employees in various innovation methods. We can apply our Enpidi portfolio software to generate quick insights and overview and accelerate implementation.

By this approach we are helping organisations to turn the challenges of innovation into opportunities. With as a result more successful productdevelopment and innovation!

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